Eyelash Extension Business Course

Learn the business of Eyelash Extensions, so that you can decide what position best suits your needs now, so that you can make clearer decisions for tomorrow.

Any level of lashing welcome. Even if you've never lashed before and are curious about our industry, we welcome everyone.

Learn from our CEO on how she went from shaky beginner to a worldwide-brand trainer in only 1.5 years and being able to retire her hubby!

This course includes modules of skills needed to make over 6 figures, so that you can achieve your goals without wasting time. We feel like we have too much of that now, right?

Each module is able to be purchased separately, and if you decide to purchase the full course afterwards, you'll only pay it's total value, not more. This ensures you're investing in what you can do right now. Yep. I gotcha, girl!

If you're local, upon completion of the course, we'll reach out for a certification option allowing you to work on our team.

This completely virtual/ digital course includes:

1. One-on-one virtual consultation with our CEO before you start your class, so you know which ones will most fulfill your direct needs.

2. Post pandemic tailored lash business advice

3. One-on-one virtual eyelash skill assessment & troubleshooting with our CEO

4. Eyelash styling techniques for optimum retention meaning, more money in your pocket, per service!

5. Eyelash Marketing & Social Media tips relevant to today to spread a cheerful, fresh take on your work! 

If you've never lashed before, we recommend a mini starter kit first, purchased separately. This allows you to "try before you buy".

This is limited to only 25 students as our introductory course. Hurry, you don't want to miss this limited opportunity.

Email in to obtain all the info you need.