Classic Lash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions

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Lash Extension Application that reveals your most natural look by enhancing what you already have.

Click here to book with us on Vagaro, or purchase in advance here. All bookings handled through Vagaro exclusively.

Each extension is applied at a 1:1 ratio (one extension adhered to one of your natural lashes).

First timer? Our 150 Minute Session is for you. However, you must first complete a FREE Consult & Patch test at least 48hrs prior to this booking, and only when you’ve had no allergic reaction to our lash adhesive by NovaLash.

These services require you to lay flat on your back for the duration of the session. We make the process comfortable with a memory foam bed topper with gel middle, a leg pillow to support your spine and a luxurious blanket for optimum conditions for a nap.

If pregnant, consult your doctor. We are able to lash you by alternating your side laying position throughout the lash session. 

60 Minute Session for regular Maintenance of the lash extensions consists of 4 week touch ups (on average), where you must still have at least 50% of the extensions in tact. 

75 Minute Session for New Clients with at least 50% of their current lash extensions, still in tack.

Each lash extension grows safely with your natural lashes, for the health and safety of your lashes, which are responsible for protecting your eyesight. 

Your lashes naturally go through a 2 month replenishment cycle (on average), where each lash grows, rests and sheds before resetting the cycle with a new lash. 

Rediscover a youthful you, with less effort everyday! Perfect for the busy working professional, or stay-at-home Mom.